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Thank you to all those who help Lyric bring opera to life. 
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Thank you to our Individual donors.

Teresa Liu & Jian Gao

Colin & Elizabeth Gomm

Hans & Petra Henkell  

Roxane Hislop                      Siobhan Kelly

Miki Oikawa

Rosemary Cameron

Susan Moloney

Neale Paterson  

Suzanne Kirkham

Zeleian Corporation 

Matthew Thomas

Christopher Chaundy

Greg Hocking AM 

We also would like to thank our volunteers, our board, subcommittees, creatives and production crew who generously donate their time.


You can support Lyric in a number of ways:

  • Sign-up to our mailing list below, so that you know what is coming up

  • Come to our shows – and bring your friends!

  • If you would like to support Lyric financially, we welcome donations big and small and all donations are fully tax deductible.  

  • If you’d like to partner with us, we would love to hear from you and can offer a sponsorship package set out here or else one to suit your needs. 

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