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Jasper Ly - Musician

Lara Kerestes - Director

Daniel Sinfield - tenor / director

As a multi-disciplined opera artist working with Lyric Opera has enhanced my career by giving me opportunities that would not be possible working in larger organisations. As a singer, I have worked on difficult roles in multiple languages as well as music from lesser known niche operas that do not feature as part of the Australian operatic canon.  I have sung minor and principle roles which has extended my vocal and dramatic ability as well as my language skills making it possible for me to step into a higher professional standard.


They have also given me opportunities to work as an assistant director and develop my skills managing a production as well as giving me the opportunity to study and create solutions for the behind the scenes work and problems that are required and appear during production development. This has enhanced my education in opera direction and benefitted my studies and career as a director.


Lyrics innovation and specialty in niche operas is an invaluable contribution to the operatic zeitgeist of Melbourne and Australia. The work they do on their limited budget is extraordinary and the potential for growth is only limited by the economic recourses made available to them.


Daniel Sinfield


Opera Singer and Theatre Director

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